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Welcome to the Muskingum University Admission Pages!

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Prospective students may be interested in one of several opportunities for enrollment at Muskingum. The specific programs of study are:

  • Traditional Undergraduate Programs
    For students pursuing the first baccalaureate degree (entering first-year and transfer students) who plan to take the majority of their classes in the daytime.

  • International Student Program
    Involves the standard Undergraduate academic program, but the admission process is distinct. This link takes you to Muskingum’s International Student Programs pages.

  • Muskingum Adult Program (MAP)
    A baccalaureate degree program designed primarily for adult students who have earned a significant amount of academic credit toward a bachelor’s degree but whose work or personal schedules require that they take classes in the evenings or on the weekends.

  • Graduate Programs
    Graduate opportunities in Education at Muskingum include the Master of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in Teaching programs, plus coursework needed for additional teacher licensure. For the Business professional, MISST (Master of Information Strategy, Systems and Technology) blends business and technological expertise to help you thrive in the 21st century.

  • Special, Non-Degree Programs
    Students wanting to take undergraduate classes but who are not interested in a degree (includes continuing education, post-baccalaureate, transient, Postsecondary Educational Options, continuing education and audit).

  • Financial Aid
    Provides financial aid/scholarship opportunities and application process information for students in the various programs of study.