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The PLUS Program

About the Program

The Muskingum University PLUS Program provides structured support services for students with learning differences such as specific learning disabilities and AD/HD.

A learning strategies model blended with a learning conversation approach is the basis for PLUS support. Using this model, the professional Learning Consultants and Learning Associates assist students by embedding college-level learning strategies with specific course content. Students learn and practice these individualized strategies and adapt the strategies to other courses and situations.  Learning Consultants also support students as they converse to identify and understand their specific learning strengths and challenges, recognize the factors that influence their success, and acquire friendly tools and tactics with which to enhance their strengths and manage their challenges.  The Program consists of two levels of fee-based tutorial support: an intensive Full Program and a less intensive, reduced-fee Maintenance level. Typically, students begin with Full Program support and move to the Maintenance level after several semesters of academic success.

Tutorial Support

Students are provided with individual tutorial support by professional Learning Consultants and Learning Associates. Full-support students receive about one individual contact hour per week for each eligible course, for a typical average of 3-4 hours per week. Maintenance level students receive one half-hour of individual contact per week for each eligible course.

Support Services

These include:

  • Structured and on-going 1:1 tutorial sessions with qualified adult learning consultants
  • Primary Learning Consultant who acts as liaison to home, faculty and others
  • Pre-advising to support students by preparing them to meet with their academic advisors
  • Proven model of Embedded Learning Strategy instruction blended with a Learning Conversation approach
  • Executive functioning support
  • Continuum of services to provide a range of individualized support for short-term needs


Click here for a full description of services and fees for the PLUS program.